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DSFSAG Position Statement on Research:
The DSFSAG is an advocate for ethical Down syndrome research.  To the best of our knowledge, we do not fund any research that uses embryonic stem cells, nor do we fund any research that uses cell lines from aborted babies with Down syndrome.

The DSFSAG has been helping to fund research since 2004.


The following organizations  collect donations, then give the funds to scientists who are working on ground-breaking research:

Clinical Trials
A multi-center  clinical Trial for Down syndrome. Rush University Medical Center is one of the trial centers.

Down Syndrome Research Foundation
The Down Syndrome Research Foundation initiates and participates in research that provides insight into the unique learning styles of individuals with Down syndrome.

National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) Research
Through a variety of research programs and activities, the National Down Syndrome Society has played a major role in advancing knowledge about Down syndrome in an effort to enhance the quality of life and realize the potential of individuals born with this genetic condition.

Stanford Center for Down Syndrome Research
The Stanford Center for Down Syndrome Research seeks to help people with Down syndrome lead healthier and happier lives by rapidly and effectively applying research discoveries to useful treatments.

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
The Reeves laboratory complements genetic analyses in human beings with the creation and characterization of mouse models to understand why and how gene dosage imbalance disrupts development in DS.

Lumind Foundation
Since 2004, LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation has created opportunities for people of all ages with Ds by igniting research breakthroughs, including lines of discovery unraveling the connections between Alzheimer’s disease and Ds.

The University of Arizona Down Syndrome Research Group
Researchers in the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona have teamed together to develop a research group devoted to understanding the cognitive difficulties faced by individuals with Down syndrome

University of Colorado, Denver School of Medicine
The Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome aims to eradicate the ill effects associated with Down syndrome and significantly improve the lives of people with Down syndrome throughout the world.

Research Down Syndrome Until recently, the medical and research community considered the cognitive impairment associated with Down syndrome to be too complex to understand, offering no hope for the development of treatments. Now scientists have identified unique biological mechanisms associated with cognitive dysfunction in Down syndrome, suggesting the promise of targeted biomedical therapies that could lead to improvement in the intellectual difficulties experienced by those with Down syndrome.”


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