Educational Resources

Complete guide to educational and special needs apps
great guide that shows apps used for certain skills you want to work on-assistive tech, auditory memory, behavior management, cognitive skills-plus many, may more

Communication -From Isolation to conversation
Encouraging and helping develop communication in people with Down syndrome.

Don Johnston
Provides information on the numerous intervention solutions and supplemental instruction materials to help build literacy skills in struggling learners.

Free Federal Educational Resources
Federal website with more than 1600 free teaching and learning resources organized by subject.

Handwriting without Tears
Developed by an occupational therapist, this site features Handwriting Without Tears (HWT), the multi sensory, developmental approach to handwriting.

Inclusion information by Education World

Provides support services and educational resources to people with disabilities and the community that serves them.

Indiana Transitions
Transition information for children to adults.

Exceptional Education Services  for Penn-Harris-Madison School Corp
Provides Special Education services to the students of both school corporations.

Love and Learning
Program which combines the use of audio CD’s, DVDs and books designed  to teach children with Down syndrome how to read.

National Education of Special Education Teachers
(NASET) is a national membership organization dedicated to rendering all possible support and assistance to those preparing for or teaching in the field of special education

PCI Education
It features materials for special educators including the new Academic Curriculum Framework – a comprehensive K–12+ program that aligns content area and application skills for students with moderate to severe disabilities.

Positive Environments Network of Trainers (PENT)
downloadable resources to assist teachers and related professionals with implementing PBS and interventions.

Reading is Fundamental

“the well known US reading initiative providing many reading resources for all grade levels.

Social Stories – What is a Social Story
Carol Gray, developer of the world-renowned, evidence-based “Social Stories(TM)” teaching strategy, describes this valuable tool and provides important information for the parents and professionals who wish to use Social Stories to increase social understanding and effectiveness.

Social Stories – How to Write a True Social Story
There are many “social stories” available on the internet and other sources that are not true Social Stories™    This power point presentation will go through basics on how to write a Social Story.

Special Education Network
This site has helpful information for parents and teachers about special education.

Stevenson Learning Skills
Site offers programs on math, spelling and language skills.

Special Offspring Publishing, LLC
Reading Program, a Handwriting Program, a Spelling Program, as well as a Phonics Program designed specifically for children with Down syndrome and other developmental delays.

Tin Snips Special Education Resources
Includes teaching tools, techniques, worksheets, and activities that are useful for students with disabilities.

Universal Design for Learning
UDL is a framework for designing educational environments that enable all learners to gain knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm for learning.

UsBorne Books & More

A Guide to College for Students with Disabilities

*Materials in our library located at the Michiana Down Syndrome Resource Center

Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Teachers by Patricia Oelwein

First Steps to Reading: CD ROM (3,000 printable Flashcards- print flashcards, PECS


Kit #1 ABC Alpdhabet/Words

Kit #2 50 FUN-damental words

Kit # 3 Fun-damentals and more

Kit #4 Look at the Dog

Kit #5 What is Your Name?

Kit #6 Developing Conversational Skills

Kit #7 Amazing Words

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Leap Frog Letter Factory (dvd)

Leap Frog Talking Words Factory (dvd)

Leap Frog Talking Words Factory 2 Code Word Caper (dvd)

Literacy Skill Development for Students with Special Learning Needs

Teaching Math to People with Down Syndrome and Other Hands-On Learners Book 1-Basic Survival Skills

Teaching Math to People with Down Syndrome and Other Hands-On Learners: Book 2, Advanced Survival Skills

Teaching Math CD ROM for books 1 and 2

Leap Frog Math Circus( Learn Beginning Math) (dvd)

Understanding How Children with Down Syndrome and Other Developmental Delays Learn

Teach Me to do it Myself: Montessori Activities for You and Your Child

SCHOOL: Laws, IEP, Inclusion, etc

Quick guides to Inclusion: Ideas for Educating Students with Disabilities

Helping Kids Include Kids with Disabilities

Song of Our Children (dvd)

Include Us!

Including Samuel (dvd)

Inclusion in Practice-Educating Children with Down Syndrome at Primary School (DownsEd dvd)

Boy in the World (dvd)

Speak Out for Understanding (dvd)

Effective Teaching Strategies for Successful Inclusion: A Focus on Down Syndrome

Everyone Counts (2 sets-each set has 1vhs for grades k-1 and 1 vhs “My Friend Isabella” (grades 4-6) each set also has a spiral bound book w/lesson plans for grades k-6   (Everyone Counts is a disability awareness curriculum created by NDSS for grades K-6. The program is designed to increase teacher and student understanding of Down syndrome)

Negotiating the Special Education Maze 3rd ed: A Guide for Parents and Teachers

Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy

SPECIAL EDUCATION: A Parent’s Guide to Children’s Success

Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Teachers and Learning Assistants in Mainstream Primary and Secondary Schools

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