MDS Family Grant

Family Grant

Starting in January 2018, our Medical/Developmental and Recreational grants have been rolled into a new Michiana Down Syndrome Family Grant.

Our new grant program will…

  • Allow MDS to fund a larger variety of programs and medical expenses based on our families
    personal needs and lifestyles.
  • Be paid from a budgeted pool of money which allows MDS to pay complete grants at any time of
    the year, however, all applications must be postmarked prior to December 5th for processing.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: If funding is depleted prior to the end of the year the MDS
      Board of Directors will re-evaluate funding and notify group members if needed. The
      MDS Board reserves the right to discontinue grant payments after the depletion.
  • Require 6 volunteer hours per application, by the individual with Ds or a member of their family.
    • This is an increase from past grants which required 4 hours.
    • Exceptions for any extenuating circumstances will require board approval.

Important Grant Information:

Members of the Michiana Down Syndrome Group may apply once a year for a maximum grant of
$600 to cover medical/developmental and recreational expenses per family member with Down

Each grant application must include the following REQUIRED items:

  • Family Grant Application Form.
    • Only one application per member with DS/per year.
  • Signed Volunteer Service Verification Form.
    • Minimum of 6 service hours (per application) between December 1st of the prior year and November 30th of the current grant year.
  • Completed Family Grant Receipts tracking form.
  • Copies of all paid receipts.
    • Receipts dated between December 1st of the prior year and November 30th of the current grant year.
  • Postmark date no later than December 5th each year. 

For full instructions and forms,  click on the links below:

Full Grant Application package 


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