The Down Syndrome Family Support and Advocacy Group (DSFSAG) is available to provide support to the medical community in several ways:

  • We have experienced parents who are available to talk with new, expectant or adoptive parents.

  • We have materials available for you to have in your office to support your patients with Down syndrome and their families.

  • NEW: Global Down Syndrome and the National Down Syndrome Congress have a new booklet with information about Down syndrome and prenatal testing. It is available online here. For free print copies in English or Spanish, contact

  • We also have free copies of a two page booklet entitled “Delivering a Down Syndrome Diagnosis that is “the nationally recognized, balanced, informational booklet approved for use when delivering a Down syndrome diagnosis”.  It was prepared with input from the American College of Medical Genetics, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the National Society of Genetic Counselors. You may also receive a free copy of the booklet by clicking here:

  • Delivering the Diagnosis of Down syndrome tutorial for physicians

  • We have information about area resources that will be useful for families raising a child with Down syndrome.

  • Health Care Guidelines for Individuals with Down Syndrome contains a comprehensive listing of health care guidelines recommended for each stage of life for individuals with Down syndrome.

For information or materials, contact a representative of the DSFSAG.

Thank you!


updated 1/9/2016

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